3D Medals

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Custom 3D Sculpted Medals and Medallions

Our 3-Dimensional zinc-alloy and die-struck medals offer amazing detail and quality.

You have the ability to create stunning 3-Dimensional designs from your company logo,slogan, or anything you wish. Our 3-Dimensional pins are hand-crafted using the highest quality materials in the industry.

The mold is created by hand, then the colors are hand filled, and finally your medal is hand polished and finished to your exact specification.

The 3D medal effect is visually effective and gives us more choices for stimuli, so “3D medals” are appearing more and more.

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  • ——————————————————     Production process     ——————————————————


    ——————————————————     Mass productions     ——————————————————QQ截图20181105094258

     ——————————————————    Samples room     ——————————————————

    samples room

    ——————————————————    Samples room 2     ——————————————————

    samples rooon 2


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