2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup medal makers: Interview with Yang Guang

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup ended in Beijing’s Wukesong Stadium. The Spanish team won the World Cup. The 32 teams from five continents of the world presented a visual feast for basketball lovers of the world. The medals of the Basketball World Cup are also the highest honor in the game, together with the Basketball World Cup championship trophy, and are permanently loaded into the world basketball history. As the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup medal makers: senior cultural and creative planning expert, deputy director of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society Traditional Culture Committee Yang Guang (hereinafter referred to as “Yang Guang”), responsible for the overall creative design medals, which lasted a year For a long time, it broke the norm and showed modern technology and technology, highlighting Chinese culture.


Yang Guang, Deputy Director, Traditional Culture Committee, Chinese Culture Promotion Association

Telling Chinese stories and inheriting Chinese culture

Journalist: At that time, you received such an important task. What preparations did you make before designing and producing the medals?

Yang Guang: This year’s basketball World Cup is held in China for the first time, it is an iconic sports event in the important historical period of our country. When receiving the task of the Basketball World Cup medal, I was very honored, but also under pressure.

At that time, I received the design and creative work of this medal. In order to ensure the Chinese characteristics of the medal, in November 2018, the 2019 Basketball World Cup Organizing Committee specifically organized and held a “Basketball World Cup and China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Symposium”. A number of Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritors and arts and crafts masters gathered in Wukesong Stadium in Beijing to offer suggestions to the Basketball World Cup Organizing Committee on how the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup tells Chinese stories and inherits Chinese culture.

At that time, Ma Pei, full-time vice chairman of the China Arts and Crafts Association, said: “Combining traditional Chinese culture with events is also an important way and means of cultural self-confidence. How to integrate well reflects both Chinese culture and thousands of years of civilization, Adding highlights to the event is also a topic. In China’s competitions, there must be Chinese characteristics and national culture, and national spirit must be added to it for a better integration, not a rigid integration. “

The medals are selected and selected after several rounds of design screening. As the person in charge of the design of the Basketball World Cup medal project, I reported to the Organizing Committee, and introduced a more dignified design scheme. In the end, the Organizing Committee selected this design that combines the shape of jade and the meaning of safety buckle. This draft not only incorporates the basic visual elements of the FIBA, but also reflects the auspicious eight treasure pattern decoration held in eight cities in China, and organically presents traditional Chinese cultural meanings, urban landscapes and event arrangements on the medals, highlighting Chinese culture.


Break through the conventions and show modern technology

Reporter: What technological breakthroughs or difficulty was encountered during the production of medals for the Basketball World Cup?

Yang Guang: The design of the Basketball World Cup medals is hollow in the middle, and the overall process is quite complicated. Throughout the history of modern sports, in addition to the “gold-encrusted jade” structure selected in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, which broke the scheme of casting medals in one piece, other large sports events have always chosen the traditional process of integral casting and integral molding to ensure the stability of production. .

The production process of the medals for the Basketball World Cup adopts “integrated casting, hollowed out in the center”. This is undoubtedly a challenge for medal production. In order to accurately reflect the design intent, production and processing can only be achieved using computer micro-control technology. At the same time, to perfectly represent the design details of the medal, an inverted mold cannot be selected. Is to make a master product. In order to pursue the visual effect of the medal appearance, so that the convex part of the surface achieves a mirror effect, the production can only be done by hand.

With such a complicated process, many institutions have tried before and after, and finally saw the production process requirements, they chose to give up. Our team contacted dozens of factories within 5 days and inspected 10 manufacturing companies on the spot, and finally found a company in Shenzhen willing to cooperate with processing.

Carry forward the spirit of artisans in the new era and complete the whistle

Reporter: I have learned that you have completed the task of making these medals in a time that cannot be completed.

Yang Guang: On the Wukesong Night of the Basketball World Cup, when the basketball players brought their medals, we were completely relieved. At that time, it seemed that they had defended the “champion” once again, very excited.

Due to the many adjustments to the design and production of medals, the Basketball World Cup Organizing Committee confirmed the design plan, leaving less than 20 days to award. I led 14 members of the medal production team, fought day and night, and finally produced 37 sets (a total of 111) basketball World Cup medals in 13 days, and held a handover ceremony at the Chinese Basketball Association.

At the handover ceremony, Deputy Secretary-General Xiao Hongan said that this time the first top-level basketball tournament in China, we do our best to fight every game and do our best to make every medal of the Basketball World Cup. This time the medals are pretty, including the bronze medal. The rose gold is very stunning.

Basketball World Cup, as an important event in China for 70 years, is the honor of our country. As the overall person in charge of the basketball World Cup medal project, in the overall design and production process of the Basketball World Cup medal, there is an honor invisible. No matter how difficult it is, we must carry forward the craftsmanship of the new era and actively overcome it.

Post time: Dec-06-2019