2019 Nobel Awards ceremony is about to be held, artisans reveal the process of making medals

Before the annual Nobel Prize presentation ceremony will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nobel Medal Craftsman revealed the process of making the medal to the outside world. Compared to the Olympic medals, which are designed every four years, the Nobel medals have never changed.

Since the appearance of the Nobel Prize in 1902, the appearance of this huge symbol of honor has not changed at all. To this day, Nobel medals are still made by hand. Gold medals weigh about 270 grams and contain gold. The diameter of the medals is about 6.5 cm. Unlike the Nobel statue, which is unified on the front of the medal, the back is engraved with different patterns according to the award.

In the span of more than 100 years, the casting of Nobel medals has also changed many companies. From the earliest 1902 to 2010, the Nobel medals were minted by the Royal Swedish Mint. In 2011, the Nobel Medal and Nobel Peace Medal were changed to the Norwegian Mint. Since 2012, the Nobel Medal has been manufactured by Svenska Medalj in Eskilstuna. It is worth mentioning that no matter where the medals are hand-made by Anders Eriksson’s studio. In fact, there is another vignette about the Nobel medal. It is well known that the first Nobel prize was awarded in 1901, but because the medal pattern requires the consent of multiple agencies, it took too long to miss the award, and can only be replaced by a temporary medal.

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Post time: Dec-11-2019