2019 Shenzhen International Marathon medals and costumes unveiled

The 2019 Shenzhen International Marathon press conference was held on the 6th. At this press conference, the medals and clothing for the competition were officially unveiled. The reporter learned that the full marathon route this year remains unchanged, the first half of the half marathon route remains the same. After 20 kilometers, the original Hyde three-way return will be adjusted to turn left to Dengliang Road and return to the end of the half-marathon Dengliang Road near China Resources Building, the specific road map is subject to.


According to reports, the finish medal is based on the Longgang Universiade Sports Center building, with Shenzhen’s landmark buildings such as Ping’an Building, Diwang Building, and Civic Square displayed on the front, and a pioneering cow statue on the back, symbolizing the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen. The competition clothing combines sports with color book culture. The front of the clothing is printed with the color book “Shenzhen”. The creative concept of “Binhai Window Colorful Shenzhen” combines the coastal image of Binhai Avenue and the different styles of Shennan Avenue. Many iconic architectural cluster impressions have created a unique human identity of Shenzhen and Malaysia that integrates “place name, landmark, area”.

It is worth mentioning that, as the IAAF road running gold standard event, the 2019 Shenzhen International Marathon will start for the first time by districts, helping athletes to create good results in the marathon. According to the requirements of the gold standard competition, a total of 29 invited athletes from 8 countries were invited, including 20 international gold standard athletes, 5 international silver standard athletes, and 4 international bronze standard athletes. At the same time, a total of 219 provincial and local referees were determined for the refereeing of the event to ensure fairness and fairness, and 58 official pacers were recruited to lead runners to refresh their personal best results.

In addition, a total of 690 medical personnel, 140 first-aid runners, 230 Shenzhen public welfare rescue teams, and 230 Shenzhen ambulance rescue teams were selected to guard the safety of 30,000 runners. According to the risk level of the competition section, a total of 25 ambulances, 23 medical sites and 140 AEDs were invested to achieve appropriate power deployment, reasonable professional matching, and adequate pharmaceutical equipment.

From 12th to 14th, from 10:00 to 18:00, runners can go to Shenzhen Civic Center South Plaza and collect the equipment at the 2019 Shenzhen International Marathon Expo. The collection time on the 14th will be extended to 22:30. This year’s collection of materials will continue to use paperless and cheating prevention bracelets, practise the concept of ecological environment protection, and minimize the occurrence of replacement, runaway and other events that disrupt the order of the event. For the detailed process of receiving materials, please follow the official website’s collection instructions.

Post time: Dec-20-2019