2020 Tokyo Olympics medals announced : junk medals

On July 24, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gold, silver and bronze medals stood out from 421 designs. It is worth mentioning that these medals are all refined from home appliances and old mobile phones recovered from Japan, which is also the heaviest in history. Summer Olympic medals. The gold medal in this Tokyo Olympic Games weighed 556 grams, the silver medal weighed 550 grams, and the bronze medal weighed 450 grams. Among them, the gold and silver medals weighed the heaviest in the previous Summer Olympics. It is worth mentioning that all medals of the Tokyo Olympic Games are made through waste recycling.


On July 25th, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee released a short film of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics medal production process. According to the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, Japan has collected about 78,985 tons of small household appliances and 6.21 million old mobile phones throughout Japan in two years from April 1, 2017, and refined 32 kg of pure gold, 3500 Kg of sterling silver and 2,200 kg of pure copper, all medals come from these recycled and refined metals.


Shows the entire process of making Olympic medals in detail, including recycling used electronic equipment (basically all flip phones), removing the motherboard for recycling and smelting, designing medal molds, medal press molding, cleaning and polishing, laser lettering, compiling medal strips, and making logs The medal box, the beauty of machinery, and the Japanese hand-made work run through the whole process, making people feel refreshed.


The reverse side of the medals uses the irregular spiral processing surface to express the theme of the “Ring of Light”. The center is the monogram of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The front of the medals is the pattern prescribed by the International Olympic Committee: the Greek goddess of victory standing on wings and the Greek panasin Naco Arena. The ribbon part of the medal is composed of red and blue colors symbolizing the current conference. It is embroidered with TOKYO 2020, the Five Rings logo and the Tokyo Olympic monogram. It expresses the festival atmosphere of the quadrennial Olympics through the Japanese pattern of pine. In order to facilitate the visually impaired players, a special silicone printing is also made on the inside of the band, with 1 point for the gold medal, 2 points for the silver medal, and 3 points for the bronze medal. The storage box for medals is made of Japanese ash, which is hand-colored one by one by Japanese craftsmen. The cover has a magnet inside, and the original pattern of the wood is retained on the surface. The blue monogram is printed at the center.


The designer of the medal, Chunxi Xichuan, said that the design concept of the medal is light and glory, and the swirling design makes it easy for the medal to absorb all kinds of light and reflect it. These lights symbolize the victory of each athlete, and it was achieved by the support of many people around.

Post time: Nov-27-2019