How to distinguish production materials from badges that all look the same?

Many activities or clubs have their own logos and badges when in school, so they usually customize them in batches. However, the materials and craftsmanship of the badges are not familiar to everyone, and the prices of precious metal raw materials have been rising. How can we distinguish the innocence of the materials used for badge production and avoid the defects of the badges caused by inadequate materials?

Let’s take the copper badge as an example. If the badge is customized to choose copper, how can we distinguish whether other metal materials such as iron are used instead of copper?

Badges are usually electroplated on the surface, which is generally hard for laymen to see, but badges made of iron and metal craftsmanship will be very different, especially after a period of time, there will be oxidation, badges made of iron materials After the plating layer is dropped, it is easy to rust; but the copper material is different, even if the plating layer is dropped, it will not rust, and the appearance still looks very beautiful, so use the most direct method to distinguish whether iron is used There are two ways to replace copper with raw materials:

In terms of weight, the badge made of iron material is much lighter than the badge made of copper, and the weight can be measured by hand, and the texture is obviously different. The second most direct and simple method is to use magnets to put the badges and magnets together. If they attract each other, it means to replace the copper raw materials with iron quality badges. If they repel each other, the copper quality is relatively more reliable. .

In order to avoid adulteration of quality badges, you can first select manufacturers with relevant qualification certificates when customizing badges, and then ask them to issue production qualifications and relevant quality inspection certificates attached to the badge delivery certificate. Two-pronged, badge quality More secure .

Post time: Nov-20-2020